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What’s Driving Discontinuation?

While structured data sets from EMR systems serve an important business need and provide analytical value, they leave large gaps related to patient characteristics and treatment decisions. Our Discontinuation Report provides answers to the questions you're struggling to answer faster than you ever imagined possible.

The real-world data you're missing

to inform the questions you can't afford to get wrong

  • Why are providers choosing to discontinue use of competitive drugs?
  • Which marketing messages will best resonate with targeted HCPs?
  • What are the factors influencing HCPs to recommend one treatment over another?
  • Which factors—cost, side effects, etc.—prevent patients from staying on script?
Sneak a look at the discontinuation report below, then complete the form to the right to get your hands on a copy related to your drug.

Make the first move

Contact us to initiate a conversation on how our discontinuation report can help inform commercial strategy and messaging for your therapeutic area and/or drug.

Understanding the patient journey with Amplity Insights

A deep and impartial view into a patient's treatment journey

Historically, many Life Science companies have used large repositories of claims data to identify patients and the providers who treat them. Amplity Insights data brings a new perspective and a much broader understanding of how patients are diagnosed and treated.

Meet the Head of Amplity Insights

Joe Turner leads the Insights team as they work to provide solutions which solve our client’s most elusive data challenges

As Head of Amplity Insights, Joe oversees the solutions assisting our HEOR, commercial, clinical, and data analytics’ clients to rapidly move from hypothesis to impact.
Joe has spent the last 2 decades of his healthcare career devoted to assisting pharmaceutical and biotech companies to maximize the utility of unstructured data. In his current role, Joe is actively involved in Amplity Insights’ product development and strategic vision and application.
By applying modern data science techniques to unstructured medical transcription records generated from HCP-patient encounters, Joe continues to focus on refining the data tools necessary to tell the complete story of the patient journey, so that our clients can access the data they need to make more informed decisions which ultimately allow them to better serve their patients.