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Remote Engagement

Remote Sales Solutions

As a leading contract pharmaceutical sales company, our remote sales solutions have been proven to increase market share and ROI

Increasing access to healthcare professionals (HCPs) leads to deeper and more prolonged interactions, more frequent messaging, increased market share, and tremendous return on investment (ROI). And yet, face time with this audience grows more difficult each year.

At Amplity Health, we know what it takes to bridge gaps with cost-effective solutions to increase communications frequency by overlaying the traditional field sales channel with the following options.
Territory management
Clinical detailing and prospecting virtually where a field force has little or no access to a territory or targeted accounts
HCP profiling
Provide sales leadership and marketing with new leads and target intelligence pre-launch through collaborative profiling of HCP offices
Managed care messaging and GPO support
Communicate key market access messaging to office staff
Vacancy management
Ensure continuous coverage with Amplity’s “Never A Vacant Day” model providing support during field vacancies
Tele-sampling and service
Deliver fulfillment of marketing collateral to HCPs. Educate target account office staff on service offerings, service messages, and samples
Comprehensive life cycle solutions
From pre-launch unbranded awareness to end-of-life-cycle support, Amplity will help maintain share-of-voice across key customer groups

Which Post-Pandemic Model Is Best for Remote Engagement Teams: Work from Call Center or Work from Home?

As the industry continues to revive shuttered offices in response to COVID’s retreat, business leaders are deciding whether to reopen their inbound and outbound facility-based call centers or continue to maintain a home-based model. Read our article to understand the benefits of each arrangement.

The remote inside sales representative (ISR)

As an innovative, flexible resource, an ISR is a powerful addition to a modern salesforce whether serving in a complementary capacity or on their own. ISRs are specifically trained through our customized engagement model that is specific to non-face-to-face interaction and can address diverse challenges across a brand’s lifecycle.

Remote ISRs are able to execute on both breadth and depth strategies through a combination of comprehensive coverage and no windshield time.

ISRs offering the following:
  • Territory management
  • Virtual lunch and learns
  • Product messaging
  • National or regional coverage
  • Excellent selling skills
  • Product sampling and patient resources
  • Compliance

Hybrid sales representatives (HSR)

Amplity Health is a proud pioneer of the hybrid sales professional and boasts vast experience designing, implementing, and managing hybrid teams. For additional flexibility, an HSR can deliver all the benefits of a field sales professional but with the added benefit of being equipped and trained to engage with customers in a variety of remote channels.

HSRs can be deployed in territory, in Amplity’s Remote Engagement Center, or on client site. Hybrid reps are equally qualified and impactful while delivering product messaging through live video detailing, web-enabled communications, or by phone. All communications are also augmented with time spent in the field meeting with HCPs in person, to best address preferences for the way information is consumed.

With a deep understanding of channel and data, we’ll partner with you to formulate the appropriate frequency to meet the goals of your brand’s strategy.
Ideal hybrid sales representative customers
  • Field targets during vacancies/LOAs
  • High or low deciles with potential
  • Hospital systems
  • Integrated delivery networks (IDNs)
  • Hard-to-see or no access accounts
  • Pharmacies
See HSR offerings
  • Deep personal interactions with HCPs through in-person contact and locale-specific connections
  • Technology-enabled interactions that appeal to many HCPs in our ever-evolving marketplace
  • Face-to-face meetings as well as off-hours interactions

Live video detailing

For businesses wishing to benefit from the remote engagement model but also prefer a highly personalized, relationship-based selling approach, live video detailing allows remote engagement representatives to interface with HCPs face-to-face from anywhere in the world. Flexible software ensures minimal disruption due to technology and creates an atmosphere in which the HCP and remote representatives feel they are in the same room.

Amplity Health’s video detailing services offer:
  • Inbound or outbound detailing scheduled at the HCP’s convenience
  • Omni-channel representatives are trained to seamlessly transition from phone conversations to video presentations to meet the needs of the discussion
  • Flexible options based on budget

Virtual sampling

Nonpersonal sampling has emerged as a cost-effective way to ensure that samples are available for HCPs at all times. Our virtual sampling approach provides the high-touch service of an inside customer service representative coupled with the attention to detail that fulfillment requires.

Virtual sampling offers:
  • Initial outreach to gain awareness
  • Primary sampling to provide product messaging
  • Sample Request Forms (SRFs) and SRF validation
  • Follow-up calls
  • Final surveys to capture ROI

Clinical and Medical Solutions

From medical science liaisons to health science consulting, Amplity Health offers a range of solutions

Our remote-enabled solutions drive scientific and clinical dialogue with patients and HCPs enhancing reach, access, and ultimately, outcomes. We know what it takes to bridge gaps with cost effective solutions to increase communications frequency by overlaying the traditional field channel with the following options:
Medical science liaisons
Focused to accomplish several nonpromotional objectives including KOL and specialist education and clinical trial support
Peer-to-peer education support
Engage HCPs remotely in an integrated education approach to boost attendance to P2P events and direct the update of alternative learning channels
Clinical nurse educators
HCP and treatment team education focused on the value of optimizing patient care outcomes in specific disease areas or clinical settings
Virtual clinical capability development

Capability development is provided through facilitated, experiential learning programs to build high performing teams

Extensive outsourcing solutions

Amplity Health has extensive experience in sourcing and recruiting specialists in clinical and medical resources. Our experienced talent acquisition team works collaboratively with clients to identify the specific role required based on their needs.

We have been instrumental in recruiting permanent and executive positions in addition to managing and developing outstanding specialist teams (contract and employed) in multiple therapy areas across countries and cultures.

Our contract projects are focused on deliverables and agreed metrics, utilizing highly qualified teams to deliver on outcomes and exceed expectations. Uniquely, we offer to support all of our field-based personnel with a fully integrated training, development, and coaching program.

Our success in this area is founded upon experienced staff who understand medical roles and a consultative partnership approach. We have expert skills in recruiting highly credentialed professionals, which include but is not limited to:
  • MSLs
  • KAMs
  • Nurse educators
  • Medical info
  • HEOR
  • Clinical trial liaisons

Amplity Health Customer Care

Amplity’s patient-centric approach to customer care provides patients and HCPs with multiple channels of communication to gain access to critical information

Patient-centric customer care
Answer questions and provide customer outreach supported by multichannel capabilities including phone, chat, SMS, email, video, and co-browsing
Adverse event and product complaint handling
Compliance processes around adverse event (AE) and product quality complaint (PQC) recognition, escalation, and reporting
Sample and sales rep requests
Facilitating connection between HCPs and sales professionals, providing sample request solutions to whitespace targets
Medical information
Single point of contact for patients and HCPs inquiring about products and services
Product replacement and reimbursement
Established processes for product replacement and reimbursement support

For the fourth time, Amplity Health’s Remote Engagement Center has been recognized by J.D. Power for providing “An Outstanding Customer Service Experience” as an Outsourcer for Pharmaceutical Phone Support

J.D. Power 2020 Certified Customer Service Program recognition is based on successful completion of an evaluation and exceeding a customer satisfaction benchmark through a survey of recent servicing interactions. For more information, visit

Patient Support

At Amplity Health, we strive to provide the support and tools necessary to achieve increased consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty among consumers and HCPs

  • Adherence and support programs: Supporting patients and improving persistence to achieve better outcomes
  • Case management: Helping patients connect the dots between general assistance, adherence, and financial support
  • Co-pay card activation: Expert customer engagement enabling efficient co-pay program activation
  • DTC campaign enrollment: Effectively securing and documenting patient consent for program enrollment through white glove customer service
  • Patient support programs: Facilitating connection between HCPs and sales professionals, providing sample request solutions to whitespace targets
  • Reimbursement management: Resolving complex coverage and reimbursement issues for patients in order to remove barriers to access medicine

Amplity Health Professional Services

As a leading contract pharmaceutical sales company, we offer personalized, superior experiences for all customers internal and external—by setting the highest standards and expectations for services delivery

Onsite support, commercialization strategy, campaign planning, and execution

Our strategy, planning, and project management services include onsite, virtual, or back office support in full- or part-time capacities. We are flexible to assure that our clients’ needs are met. To lead and manage, we can fill roles in temporary or permanent positions.

Key roles include:
  • Brand strategy & consulting
  • Remote engagement consultation
  • Campaign account management
  • Project management
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Vendor management
  • Technology, infrastructure & operations support
  • Compliance and regulatory adherence

Support go-to-market capabilities

While many companies have significant expertise in research and development and filing/regulatory processes, they often need healthcare training and consultancy support for their go-to-market capabilities.

Many manufacturers simply do not have the resources or infrastructure to design, build, and implement message delivery teams or the synergistic tools that support them on time and on budget. From smaller first-to-market companies whose funding for commercialization may be aligned with development milestone triggers, to the very largest companies who may want to reallocate resources, outsourcing can offer viable options, bringing deep knowledge and experience to accelerate commercial development.

Expert healthcare project management & execution services

Amplity Health provides program execution and project management services that focus on delivering greater value.

Pharmaceutical companies of all sizes look to Amplity Health for the program management skills to build and launch a multidisciplinary customer-interaction team (or set of integrated teams), deliver impactful capabilities development trainings, and provide data-driven insights.

How Amplity Health can help

We manage our clients’ programs through a Project Management Office (PMO) staffed with project management professionals across the globe. These experts lead the process from beginning to end, including data design and delivery, talent acquisition, development workshop design and implementation, training, and more.

At every step, they follow established project management protocols and utilize project management tools to ensure that each client’s implementation runs smoothly and meets timelines. Our project managers support all Amplity Health team implementations. These resources are also available to clients who are building and managing their own commercialization activities. Amplity Health provides healthcare program execution and project management services as a part of our full commercialization suite.

Virtual Learning Solutions

Amplity Health provides a range of virtual solutions, designed to enable medical and sales teams to collaborate even more effectively remotely

Benefits to your organization

By engaging in online and virtual content designed and delivered by Amplity Health, you will be able to:
  • Allow sales and medical affairs teams to engage in learning without the need to travel or take time off the road
  • Ensure consistency in the way Amplity Health programs are delivered using different methods to meet the needs of the individual
  • Enable learners to access learning at their own pace and convenience, taking charge of their own development
  • Measure levels of engagement by using tracking technology, which can be combined with performance measures to demonstrate ROI

Virtual learning events (VLEs)

Providing learning via a virtual classroom, VLEs allows programs to be delivered remotely in an engaging and impactful way. Ideally, workshops are always delivered face-to-face to maximize engagement and provide an opportunity to practice new skills. However, we recognize this is not always possible.
virtual learning events

What to expect during virtual learning events

Amplity Health is offering the opportunity to deliver our programs virtually through an interactive webinar using Adobe Connect, Zoom, or the platform of your choice, which allows a fully interactive virtual classroom experience. VLEs can also be used to follow up on a face-to-face workshop to embed and enhance learning and allow learners to collaborate and share best practices, keeping the learning alive.
  • Our workshop principles are applied in a virtual environment, ensuring full engagement, interaction, and enjoyment
  • This is achieved through interactive content such as stimulating visuals and interactive exercises, which are all designed with the learner and the delivery method in mind with a focus on learning outcomes


Providing learning materials and resources via an online learning platform (eLearning) allows learners to access them from a remote location if they cannot attend a face-to-face workshop. Alternatively, it can be used to access the content before or after a workshop to enhance and reinforce learning.

eLearning content is created using a program that supports the design of interactive, visually stimulating learning content. Interactive content includes visuals, voice-overs, quizzes, simulations, practice scenarios, and opportunities for learners to apply what they have learned to real life situations.

Amplity Health will work closely with you to ensure all content is aligned to the needs of the business and is tested rigorously with a group of pilot users for feedback.

Amplity Health Remote Engagement Key Findings

With the addition of Amplity Insights, our remote engagement team becomes a cutting-edge center with massive market research capabilities

Amplity Health is the only provider that:

  • Gives you the ability to leverage the Amplity Insights database to target potential HCPs treating patients of interest based upon highly specific and unique criteria definitions, such as treatment rationale and behavior, patient-reported outcomes, and symptom profiles that don’t have billing codes
  • Provides our clients with a comprehensive patient-centric view of their brands by recording and analyzing inbound customer care calls and merging that information with patient data from the existing insights database of physician interactions
  • Provides clients with a similarly comprehensive HCP-centric view of their brands by summarizing and analyzing outbound sales calls and merging that information with physician data from the existing Insights database of patient visits to identify important trends

This powerful knowledge base can identify important trends such as patient adherence, attitudes about efficacy, price concerns, knowledge gaps, etc. The identification of these key trends allows Amplity and clients to make real-time adjustments to messaging and channels/tactics. This continuous cycle of fine-tuning marketing activities and measuring trends drives increases in patient satisfaction, sales, share, and ROI

"Amplity continues to demonstrate flexibility in the custom programs they designed to meet our business needs. We share common values and a complementary culture, and we both maintain heightened focus on patients, keeping patient at the center of everything we do."
- Associate Director, Patient Experience from one of Amplity’s global, large pharma clients.

Are you looking for top industry talent?

Amplity Health offers best-in-class recruiting based on decades of experience and connections within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.