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Clinical Solutions

Patient Support

Knowledge is power. We’re here to support the patient journey

Empowering patients is critical

Patients who are engaged in their own health and treatment tend to have better outcomes, so it is critical to help ensure that patients are educated and feel in control of their disease. Whether you are looking to help patients understand the benefits of joining a trial or evaluate the value of a therapy, education is key to fostering positive health behaviors that leads to better patient outcomes.

How we can help

Amplity Health offers various roles to aid in patient education and adherence. Clinical Health Educators (CHEs) is an umbrella for a number of customized programs: from nurse navigators to patient advocates to clinical nurse educators. CHEs provide disease-state and product-specific education and support to patients, caregivers, and physicians. We understand the differences between educating and motivating patients and are able to help patients with both. We will work with you to:
  • Identify the challenges that you are facing and the goals that you want to achieve
  • Partner to create tailored programs that will help you reach your goals—and ultimately help your patients reach their goals
  • Design a patient support program that enables the patient to receive education regarding why and how to take or self-administer their medicine and remain motivated over time with the right ongoing coaching and touchpoints

Are you concerned about patient adherence?

Patients often feel overwhelmed and may not be able to get the time needed to help them truly understand why they are prescribed medication or how they should take it. One core problem is that they either do not take their medications correctly or they completely stop taking them over time.

Health educators work to optimize health outcomes by facilitating patients’ adherence and retention to drug therapies and other healthcare regimens. When you get this right, it will lead to better outcomes for patients, providers, and the wider healthcare system.

Clinical Notes Key Findings

Amplity Health offers best-in-class clinical and medical services across all therapy areas and in every country around the world

Our competitive advantage is the ability to equip our Clinical Trial Liaisons (CTLs), Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs), and Diagnostic Liaisons (DLs) with industry-leading insight tools.

Delivering data that helps you make more informed decisions about strategy, communications, and team structure

  • Field-based, virtual or hybrid
  • Locally focused
  • Full-time team members who operate in more agile work settings
  • Part-time schedules
  • Remote interactions via teleconference, online, or through live video

Remote Clinical Solutions

Amplity Health has been quick to invest, digitalize our systems, and train our people to be the very best they can be

COVID-19 has changed the way in which we operate. This has had a significant impact on the way clinical educators and other medical professionals engage with patients and HCPs. All of our clinical and medical colleagues are specifically trained to effectively deliver the highest quality interactions via the patient or HCP-preferred communication channel.

A full suite of remote engagement tools

  • Virtual communication platforms
  • Email
  • Conference and congress, virtual or onsite
  • Scientific literature and journals
  • Advisory boards, remote or actual
  • Round table discussions, remote or actual
  • Remote engagement virtual learning events (VLEs)

A new era in clinical communications

Regardless of patient or key stakeholder location, we can actively engage via remote platforms to ensure that our clinical teams deliver impactful patient and/or HCP exchanges. Remote Clinical Solutions can also be combined with more traditional deployment models to create a hybrid role that will allow maximization of time and clinical engagement with key stakeholders.

Clinical Trial Liaisons: The "“Missing Link” Between Pharma and Clinical Trial Efficiency

Bread and butter. Hydrogen and oxygen. Manufacturer and CRO. Among pairings that have stood the test of time is that of a pharmaceutical manufacturer and its Contract Research Organization (CRO). As part of the movement to help pharma more efficiently achieve clinical trial goals and meet research timelines, Amplity is disrupting the traditional pharma/CRO dynamic with the addition of Clinical Trial Liaisons (CTLs), a role designed to complement the important work of Clinical Research Associates (CRAs).

Read our latest article to learn how we can help you more efficiently achieve clinical trial goals and meet research timelines.