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Amplity Health’s Breakthrough AI-driven Platform Offers Pharma Leaders Actionable Intel During Crucial Drug Launch Window

Survey by AskX delivers real-time, next-level insights with ease — both pre and post drug launch

Langhorne, PA – Contract Medical and Commercial Organization, Amplity Health has released a revolutionary AI-driven next best action solution that provides pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies with an entirely new order of field insights that can be acted upon within the earliest days of a drug’s release.

The first six weeks of a launch can make or break a drug’s future market performance. Traditional surveys and data collection practices can severely limit informed action during a critical time; shortcomings like clunky language and sluggish response times leave pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry leaders lacking important insights while the clock ticks on their new medication’s honeymoon period.

Now, Amplity Health has completely flipped that script. Amplity’s new Survey by AskX platform employs first-of-its-kind AI-powered capabilities that allow leadership to create customized field surveys and explore results using advanced application of generative AI on free-text responses.

The Survey by AskX environment is entirely free-text based, meaning leaders can construct surveys and investigate their results in plain speak — without the need for extra time and personnel to make sense of survey findings. The results constitute a dramatic up-leveling in the consistency, punctuality, and value of field insights.

“Until now, there has never been a way for us to compliantly record the results of discussions between field reps and clinicians in free-text,” said Joe Turner, Head of Amplity Insights. “Leaders not only had to poll their teams for anecdotal insights; they had to work to understand the results. Survey by AskX takes the answers to the client’s questions — provided in the rep’s own words — runs them through an AI-powered compliance review to flag reportable issues, and produces data that’s as easy to query and understand as a conversation over coffee.”

Survey by AskX yields the most up-to-date and easy-to-understand insights currently available to ensure launch excellence, without the data-science lift and compliance concerns that have historically existed.

Although it’s still in its earliest days, industry stakeholders are already hailing Survey by AskX as a game-changer for its speed, accuracy, and clear, concise takeaways — with the platform suggesting mid-course corrections and both microscopic and high-altitude views of the playing field.

One top pharma leader reports, “I have been offered any number of AI solutions over the past 10 years in my role as a National Sales Director. No tool has been as immediate as what I’ve seen with AskX in its ability to provide actionable feedback in real time.”

Survey by AskX is quickly taking its place alongside Amplity’s established lineup of medical and commercial solutions and other AskX capabilities. The platform also empowers users to explore patient journeys and HCP interactions through related AI-powered search channels that index millions of qualitative data points from unstructured, real-world medical transcription records. Amplity Health continues to evolve with cutting-edge innovations — pushing the envelope on providing actionable insights through transformational yet easy-to-navigate healthcare data.

“Survey is a natural and powerful extension of our Amplity Insights ecosystem, and further amplifies Amplity Health’s role as a leading global medical and commercial partner to pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies,” Turner added.

About Amplity Insights

Amplity Insights is Amplity’s proprietary data offering, which provides solutions to clients’ most elusive data challenges. These solutions assist HEOR, commercial, clinical, and data analytics teams to rapidly move from hypothesis to impact. Amplity Insight’s mission is to maximize the utility of unstructured data, by creating easy-to-use, state-of-the-art products and tools to empower leaders to better serve patients. This includes an unparalleled database, the Xplore platform, and the AI-driven search tool, AskX. By applying modern data-science techniques to unstructured medical transcription records generated from HCP–patient encounters, Amplity Insights can focus on refining the data tools necessary to tell the complete story of the patient journey. As a result, clients can access the comprehensive data they need easier, faster, and more efficiently to make more informed decisions.

About Amplity Health

The true partner of global healthcare companies, Amplity Health delivers tailored medical and commercial solutions that scale throughout the life cycle of your drug. Amplity is a global authority in scientific stakeholder engagement, go-to-market strategies, and is built upon our belief in the power of face-to-face interaction that nurtures trust with physicians, patients, and payers, allowing for the exchange of complex ideas. We are proud of our inclusive culture and our EPIIC values. Amplity has the expertise, global infrastructure, and data-driven insights to help clients overcome their medical and commercial challenges. Amplity’s wide-ranging capabilities include clinical and medical outsourced teams; clinical and medical capability development; companion diagnostic and precision medicine solutions; medical communications; expert engagement; remote and field solutions for patients, payers, and physicians; and strategic and access consulting. Amplity’s one-of-a-kind Insights database offers clients a detailed view into patient–provider interactions and provider treatment rationale not found through any other provider. For more information, visit Connect with Amplity on X and LinkedIn. Amplity Health is a portfolio company of Altamont Capital Partners.