Capability Development

Investing in People to Achieve Excellence

Amplity Health has significant experience of working with clinical and medical teams at all levels.

We provide facilitated learning which enables individuals and teams to discover new skills and guide their own development with support from industry experienced facilitators and coaches.

Building on the foundation of adult learning principles, Amplity Health creates a safe environment in which individuals can explore new ways of working and step out of their comfort zone in order to take their skills to the next level.

We are invested in sustainable change which supports organisational strategy and enhances individual capability.

The key to sustainable change is investment in Managers and Senior Leaders as they drive the embedding of new skills. We invest in enabling Managers and Leaders to be better equipped in managing, coaching and leading teams to success. We do this through exposure to new strategies which will motivate, inspire and maximise the potential of their direct reports.


Starting with a Diagnostic helps to gain insight into the perceptions of the attendee’s role from within an organisation through a 360° approach. We conduct a series of structured interviews, usually via telephone, with selected internal and external stakeholders, seeking to identify the strengths and development areas for delegates. Findings of the Diagnostic are consolidated, analysed, anonymised and reported back, highlighting the areas of learning and development to be prioritised.

Benefits include:

  • Gaining good organisational insight
  • Tailoring of approach and materials
  • Engagement of colleagues in the process at the early stage of a new implementation project
  • Stakeholders know that the Leadership Team is investing in its people to deliver high performance

Facilitated Learning

Through substantial experience, we know that people only truly believe what they discover for themselves.

Using the findings of a Diagnostic to inform priority areas of focus, workshop modules are designed and conducted face-to-face in the most practical and interactive way, through facilitated learning.

Following a brief introduction to the theory, a concept is brought to life using relevant anecdotes, analogies and scenarios.

Delegates will then have an opportunity to engage in practical exercises, ensuring an uplift in performance following numerous role-relevant experiences throughout the workshop.

Due to the extensive professional experience of Amplity Health facilitators, workshop content can be flexed in the moment to ensure that delegates gain the maximum benefit from the tools and techniques being shared and practiced.

Facilitated Learning Approach

Ensuring Sustainable Change

Following successful face-to-face interventions, we consolidate the delegate journey with follow-up coaching and embedding the learning using Online Platforms to provide on-going support.

By building an environment of mutual trust and respect, we develop partner relationships with our clients that allow us to provide exceptional value through a long-term journey of discovery and development.

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