Integrated Services

Prescriber Profiling

Building a successful pharmaceutical sales launch strategy requires identifying and understanding the brand’s key target audience

Any efforts in performing targeting exercises prior to launch, regardless as to whether the focus will be individual prescribers, group practices, or accounts, would be limited without in-depth knowledge of your product, its intended uses, and associated marketplaces.

How Amplity Health can help identify key targets

During kickoff meetings and throughout the entire project timeframe, the Amplity Health Team will partner with you to better understand the appropriate audience for your product. By marrying your invaluable knowledge and shared industry data sources with Amplity’s profiling insights and overall commercialization expertise, we will fully realize the value of all inputs by “making them dance” to provide optimal targeting recommendations for purposes of maximizing your opportunity at the time of deployment.

Gathering key target information

As a full-service healthcare commercialization organization, Amplity Health’s sales and/or clinical teams are often leveraged ahead of product approval to gather additional information pertaining to key targets.

Pre-launch profiling

Target customer profiling activities initially occur
prior to brand approval when promotional
conversations are not permissible.

Direct interactions

To perform this service, our clinical
communication specialists or industry-leading sales
teams directly interact with the target locations.

Targeted for success

Among the insights gained via pre-launch profiling are vital information about the patient population, the staff roles and personalities, in-class prescribing habits, use of samples/vouchers, scheduling availability/preferences, and beyond. The information gathered supplements existing knowledge bases, further assisting in the assessment of each target to ensure the sales team is ready to launch on day one.


Data management is a key component of successful field strategies

For many products, internal data management resources are either difficult to access or completely unavailable. While the drivers that influence this decision may vary from large company to small, the need remains the same.

Does your technology need fit any of these scenarios? Tap to see how we can help

Sales Operations

Amplity Health leads the way in pharmaceutical sales operations & analytics

The healthcare market continues to experience rapid change. The focus on blockbuster drugs has given way to higher-valued specialty products as well as biosimilars and personalized medicine. These changes are driving the requirement for flexible field deployments and new commercial models. At the same time, sales operations departments are being asked to do more with less and they often become spread too thin.

The Sales Operations function includes the back-end infrastructure expertise required for the ongoing support of customer-interaction teams, including but not limited to technology, analytics and reporting, help desk, incentives and compensation, fleet, and administration. Increasingly, pharmaceutical companies are looking outside for resource support and expertise.

How Amplity Health can support your Sales Operations needs

As a leader in healthcare sales operations, analytics, and implementation, Amplity Health goes beyond the call to provide every customer-interaction team with an extensive amount of support. Because the specific operational functions employed for each client are unique and determined by their individual requirements, we offer a broad range of solutions.

Our Quality Management System

Amplity Health is one of the most experienced and respected contract commercial organizations in the biopharmaceutical industry. Therefore, Amplity understands the regulatory environment in which we operate and maintains a robust quality management system (QMS). The QMS is maintained by an independent body within the organization and is continuously improving to adopt with the everchanging industry landscape.

Our quality management system is a formalized system that documents processes, procedures, and responsibilities for achieving quality policies and objectives. It helps coordinate and direct an organization’s activities to meet customer and regulatory requirements and continuously improve its effectiveness and efficiency.

Amplity Compliance brings peace of mind to your commercializaiton strategies with the hands of experts who know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it appropriately.

Improved resource utilization

Client satisfaction

Assurance of compliance with regulatory requirements

Defined measures to ensure adherence to contractual obligations