About Amplity Health

Your Drug Commercialization Partner

We provide pipeline healthcare solutions for every dimension of your commercialization strategy as a leader in pharmaceutical commercialization

The true partner to global healthcare companies, Amplity Health builds transformational solutions by challenging the boundaries of commercialization strategies to improve the lives of patients. Amplity has the expertise, infrastructure, and insights to help clients overcome any healthcare commercialization hurdle. Amplity’s wide-ranging capabilities include clinical and medical outsourced teams, remote and field sales solutions, capabilities development, recruiting, operations, and consulting. Amplity’s one of a kind Insights database offers clients a detailed view into patient-provider interactions and provider treatment rationale not found through any other provider. With our combined data, brainpower and experience, Amplity has what it takes to maximize commercialization efforts with demonstrated results.

Amplity Health Partnership Vision

We are committed to being a high-performing team that delivers on true partnership so colleagues and clients choose us time and again


We have great leaders that engage and inspire their teams while defining and driving the future of Amplity.


We are diverse and talent rich. We attract and develop the best to thrive, elevate, and transform the market.


We are positioned to evolve. We strive for effectiveness and efficiency that exceeds the expectations of teams and our clients.


We champion diversity and live our EPIIC values so colleagues operate at their best and engage in the success of Amplity.

We live by our EPIIC values:
Excellence, Passion, Innovation, Integrity, and Collaboration

  • Excellence

    We set high standards.

    We are solutions-focused and achieve outstanding results with a professional and positive attitude.

  • Passion

    We love what we do.

    Our energy inspires, engages, and motivates others.

  • Innovation

    Our ideas set us apart.

    We are curious and bold and challenge traditional ways of working.

  • Integrity

    We are open, honest, and transparent. We do the right thing with courage and understanding.

  • Collaboration

    We are better together.

    We actively seek the participation of others to achieve greater outcomes.

The history of Amplity Health

We bring a robust 40-year history of delivering results for a broad range of pharmaceutical clients

Formerly Publicis Touchpoint Solutions or Publicis Health Solutions, Amplity Health has evolved from several companies to form one singular offering for your pipeline healthcare solutions.

Commercial Solutions

Dugan, Farley founded in 1980 and became Physicians Detailing Inc (“PDI”) in 1986, Professional Detailing Network (“PDN”) in 1987, and became Touchpoint in 2010. It was acquired by Publicis in 2001.

Remote Engagement Solutions

The Medical Phone Company (“TMPC”) was founded in 1995 and acquired by Nelson Communications in 1998, and later acquired by Publicis in 2001.

Medical Solutions

Tardis Medical was founded in 2009 and later acquired by Publicis in 2014.

Amplity Insights

RealHealthData founded in 2014 and acquired by Amplity in 2019.