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Scientific Engagement Model

Expert Scientific Teams

At Amplity we have a broad range of programs to help you build a high-performing business

Our interactive and impactful programs include modules for onboarding and developing field-based medical and commercial teams across the globe. Our focus is on developing skills that can be immediately applied to your everyday role. We use practical exercises and role-relevant scenarios to embed the learning and provide opportunities for real-time feedback and coaching. As an example, we have developed a robust model for planning, conducting, and following up on outstanding scientific engagement between Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs).

The Amplity scientific engagement model (SEM)

The Amplity scientific engagement model

Capability building through tools and training

With tools, techniques, exercises, and practice scenarios for each step, we enable participants to discover for themselves how they can build competence and confidence in this important skill. Most of our programs have been adapted to be delivered either face-to-face or remotely.

Although scientific engagement is a core part of the role of a field-based specialist, this is only the beginning. We have also developed modules to focus on building 21st century capability across a broad range of skills necessary to drive high performance.
  • Remote engagement for field medical teams
  • MSL onboarding
  • Facilitating advisory boards
  • Gaining actionable insights
  • Medical projects and time management
  • Responding to questions and concerns
  • Congress booth management
  • Remote engagement for commercial field teams
  • Coaching for field managers
  • Impactful presentations via webinar
  • Building trust through emotional intelligence
  • Effective collaborative working
  • Managing challenging situations
  • Strategic thinking and business planning

Field managers

Field Managers play a critical role in ensuring your investment in capability development sees a real return. Getting managers involved and committed requires careful thought and planning. At Amplity we provide condensed “manager immersion” versions of many of our programs. This enables the manager to quickly become familiar with the key tools and techniques that will be explored by their teams, while allowing time to focus on their coaching skills to truly embed the learning once the program has been delivered.

Bespoke solutions

Every business’s culture and needs are different. Here at Amplity we believe in providing tailored solutions to meet your needs. We listen and seek first to understand your business and then we design solutions to help you raise performance and build organizational capability. Although we have built a world-class portfolio of programs, refined over many years of working with pharma, we approach every request with a fresh pair of eyes. This gives you the advantage of being able to access tried and tested material, safe in the knowledge that we can adapt programs to suit your particular needs.


Individual one-on-one coaching can be one of the single most effective ways of driving high performance. Amplity offers both face-to-face and remote coaching with a qualified, industry-experienced coach. We carefully match your needs with the experience and specialty of the coach. Filled with “light bulb moments” and personal insights, the Amplity coaching approach creates a safe, yet challenging environment where individuals can explore their personal and business goals and create action plans to build on their strengths and overcome barriers to success.