Rethink HCP Engagement During COVID-19 Outbreak

Train Field Teams for Effective Remote Engagement

COVID-19 has disrupted field team activity but it doesn’t have to bring it to a stand-still. Arm your field teams with the skills needed to effectively engage HCPs remotely.

Remote Engagement has been a cornerstone offering for 25 years. We have a proven training program to convert our clients’ field teams to remote or hybrid teams. And, we use it ourselves for our own Amplity remote and hybrid representatives.

In less than a day, we can bring your teams up-to-speed on remote engagement skills and tele-sales specific compliance, as well as trained on your preferred remote engagement presentation platform (Veeva Engage, ClearSlide, Zoom, etc.).

After this training session, a field sales and scientific engagement teams will be better able to:

  • Effectively and efficiently engage healthcare professionals remotely via the telephone
  • Effectively and efficiently facilitate virtual presentations
  • Understand and adhere to remote engagement specific compliance policies

Don’t let COVID-19 ground your field sales and medical teams. Contact us today to learn more.

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