Remote Engagement

HCP Engagement

Increasing access to healthcare professionals (HCPs) leads to stronger, more frequent messaging, increased market share, and tremendous return on investment. And yet, face time with this audience grows more difficult each year.

At Amplity Health, our sales solutions have been proven to increase market share and ROI, time and time again. With expertise in white space areas, we know what it takes to bridge gaps with cost effective solutions to increase communications frequency by overlaying the traditional field sales channel with the following options.  

The Remote Inside Sales Representative (ISR)

As an innovative, flexible resource, an ISR is a powerful addition to a modern salesforce whether serving in a complementary capacity or on their own.

ISRs are specifically trained through our customized engagement model that is specific to non-face to face interaction and can address diverse challenges across a brand’s lifecycle. Remote ISRs able to execute on both breadth and depth strategies through a combination of comprehensive coverage (1000 targets/ISR) and no windshield time (40 calls per day/ISR).

ISRs offer:
  • Territory management
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Product Messaging
  • National or regional coverage
  • Excellent Selling Skills
  • Product Sampling and Patient Resources
  • Compliance

Hybrid Sales Representatives

For additional flexibility, hybrid sales reps deliver all the benefits of a standard ISR plus field deployment to cover a geographically defined vacant territory. Hybrid ISRs are equally qualified and impactful while delivering product messaging through live video detailing, web-enabled communications, or by phone. All communications are also augmented with time spent in the field meeting with HCPs in person, in order to best address preferences for the way information is consumed.

With a deep understanding of channel and data, we’ll partner with you to formulate the appropriate frequency to meet the goals of your brand’s strategy.

Hybrid Sales Representatives offer:
  • Deep personal interactions with HCPs through in-person contact and locale-specific connections
  • Technology-enabled interactions that may appeal to many— especially younger — HCPs
  • Face-to-face meetings as well as off-hours interactions
Live Video Detailing

For businesses wishing to benefit from the remote engagement model but which also prefer a highly personalized, relationship-based selling approach, live video detailing allows remote engagement representatives to interface with HCPs face-to-face from anywhere in the world. Flexible software ensures minimal disruption due to technology and creates an atmosphere in which the HCP and remote representatives feel they are in the same room.

Amplity Health’s video detailing services offer:
  • Inbound or outbound detailing scheduled at the HCP’s convenience
  • Engagements of approximately 11 to 14 minutes versus 4 to 6 minutes via telephone discussion
  • Flexible options based on budget
Virtual Sampling

Nonpersonal sampling has emerged as a cost-effective way to ensure that samples are available for HCPS at all times.

Our virtual sampling approach provides the high-touch service of an inside customer service representative coupled with the attention to detail fulfillment requires.

Virtual Sampling offers:

  • Initial outreach to gain awareness
  • Primary sampling to provide product messaging
  • Sample Request Forms (SRFs) and SRF validation
  • Follow-up calls
  • And final surveys to capture return on investment (ROI)