Uncover Previously Unattainable, Actionable Insights from Real World Data

Amplity Insights has a unique toolset and database that enables us and our clients to analyze unstructured data to understand the “why” behind treatment decisions. The database is comprised of unstructured text in the form of electronic records detailing encounters that over 150,000 healthcare providers have with over 17 million unique patients from across the United States. The database continues to grow monthly by 3,000,000 records. With an unparalleled database of information on patient conditions and provider interactions, this capability brings an unprecedented depth of information and actionable insights to our clients.

The patients include the commercially insured, uninsured, Medicare and Medicaid recipients from both in-patient and out-patient facilities. The result — an intimate view of the patient-provider interaction that provide valuable insights, while remaining HIPAA compliant.

The unstructured nature of the documents in our database means that we are not restricted to specific data dictionaries. Instead our clients can establish their own customized data variable lists to be extracted for a given project.

Real World Research Dataset

We network with various real world evidence data sources to compile an unparalleled database of information providing a unique perspective on patient conditions and provider interactions allowing you to:

  • Follow patients longitudinally and prospectively, capturing the story rather than a snapshot
  • Access data from all 50 states and 2 US territories with new records added daily
  • Access relevant laboratory data, procedures, and therapeutic measures
  • Understand all factors affecting a drug’s efficacy, such as OTC medications, comorbidities, drug & alcohol use, etc.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your marketing in shaping the way providers think and prescribe
  • Understand the patient journey including pre-diagnosis
Clinician-Level Activity Dataset
Provider & Clinician-centric

We feature a provider database that allows you to:

  • Target providers based on any patient criteria including:
  • Single or symptom combinations
  • Comorbid conditions
  • Prescription drugs
  • OTC medications
  • Diagnosis
  • Test results
  • Procedures or therapies
  • Event dates
  • Locate geographic regions where relevant patients are being treated
  • Follow patient activity on an ongoing basis
  • Assess protocol feasibility
  • Identify physicians treating eligible clinical trial patients

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