Virtual and Remote Learning

Virtual Learning Solutions

Amplity Health provides a range of virtual solutions, designed to enhance and embed the learning that takes place during face-to-face interventions and to enable medical teams to collaborate even more effectively remotely.

Benefits to Your Organisation

By engaging in online and virtual content designed and delivered by Amplity Health, you will be able to:

  • Allow Medical Affairs teams to engage in learning without the need to travel or take time off the road
  • Ensure consistency in the way Amplity Health programmes are delivered using different methods to meet the needs of the individual
  • Enable learners to access learning at their own pace and convenience, taking charge of their own development
  • Measure levels of engagement by using tracking technology, which can be combined with performance measures to demonstrate ROI

Virtual Learning Events (VLEs)

Providing learning via a virtual classroom, VLEs allows programmes to be delivered remotely in an engaging and impactful way.

Ideally, workshops are always delivered face-to-face to maximise engagement and provide an opportunity to practice new skills. However, we recognise this is not always possible.

Amplity Health is offering the opportunity to deliver our programmes virtually through an interactive Webinar using Adobe Connect, which allows a fully interactive virtual classroom experience. VLEs can also be used to follow up on a face-to-face workshop to embed and enhance learning and allow learners to collaborate and share best practice, keeping the learning alive.

Our workshop principles are applied in a virtual environment, ensuring full engagement, interaction and enjoyment.

This is achieved through interactive content such as stimulating visuals and interactive exercises which are all designed with the learner and the delivery method in mind with a focus on learning outcomes.


Providing learning materials and resources via an Online Learning Platform (eLearning) allows learners to access them from a remote location if they cannot attend a face-to-face workshop. Alternatively, it can be used to access the content before or after a workshop to enhance and reinforce learning.

eLearning content is created using a programme which supports the design of interactive, visually stimulating learning content.

Interactive content includes visuals, voice-overs, quizzes, simulations, practice scenarios and opportunities for learners to apply what they have learned to real life situations.

Amplity Health will work closely with the client to ensure all content is aligned to the needs of the business and is tested rigorously with a group of pilot users for feedback.

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