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Our Healthcare Recruiting Solutions Help Find the Right Candidate for Any Role

Placing the right candidate is an art that goes far beyond matching candidates’ qualifications with opportunities. It involves a vetting process that has been honed and refined from years of asking and answering the right questions for positions at every level of the organization; years of hiring candidates to match a wide range of unique, specialized needs.

It’s also about matching character and culture. Do the candidate’s motivations for seeking the position align with the long-term goals of the company? Will the candidate be a good cultural fit? Does the candidate have the expertise to execute the job as defined? This is where Amplity Health’s healthcare recruiting solutions come in.

Amplity Health Has Years of Experience Recruiting Healthcare Experts

At Amplity Health, we have the experience that allows us to say, “yes we can” with the confidence that comes from knowing we’ve done it before.

A quote from one of our clients, an executive from a large pharmaceutical company, says it all:

“The team build has really become the spotlight of the organization, and the standard of the way to do things from a recruiting perspective and a partnership perspective”

The depth of our experience spans the entire spectrum of therapeutic classes including, but not limited to, oncology, specialty CNS, specialty dermatology, GI, endocrine, ophthalmology, and rare diseases.  It also spans the full range of field and inside sales and service teams, clinical resourcing of Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) and Clinical Health Educators (CHEs), hospital teams, reimbursement specialists, and all management positions — giving Amplity Health the deep knowledge required to meet every request. We hire thousands of individuals annually for clients that range from start-up companies to Big Pharma, each with different needs, timelines, budgets, and specifications. Our experience includes:

  • Building inaugural teams: We have been entrusted to hire teams for startup companies that are launching their first product, as well as for new product launches for large and emerging companies. We built 90% of these teams prior to the product’s PDUFA date.
  • Flexible and scalable solutions: We understand how quickly things can change and are able to pivot without impacting performance
  • 360º approach to the candidate journey: We know it’s not simply about placement, but ensuring that the candidate/client experience is right from the start. From the crafting of the client story through the candidate assessment and interview process to the final offer, we ensure that both the candidate and the client are primed for success.
  • “Always On” Recruiting: Our Amplity Health recruiting and resource teams are constantly engaged, constantly in the marketplace, and constantly sharpening their skills. They’re ready to mobilize immediately to understand your expectations, find the candidate who is the perfect fit and ensure s/he is equipped for “Day 1 Readiness”.

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