Healthcare Program Management & Execution

Support Go-To-Market Capabilities

While many companies have significant expertise in research and development and filing/regulatory processes, they often need support for their go-to-market capabilities.

Many manufacturers simply do not have the resources or infrastructure to design, build, and implement competitive field forces on time and on budget. From smaller first-to-market companies whose funding for commercialization may be aligned with development milestone triggers, to the very largest companies who may want to reallocate resources, outsourcing can offer viable options, bringing deep knowledge and experience to accelerate commercial development.

Expert Healthcare Project Management & Execution Services

Amplity Health provides program execution and project management services that focus on delivering greater value.
Biopharmaceutical companies of all sizes look to Amplity Health for the program management skills to build and launch a customer-interaction sales/service/clinical team (or set of integrated teams) from initial scoping to final implementation. We manage our clients’ programs through a robust, fully developed Project Management Office (PMO), staffed with certified Project Management and Client Services professionals. These experts lead the process from beginning to end, including territory design, recruiting, training, sales operations and analytics, and more. At every step, they follow established project management protocols and utilize the latest project management software to ensure that each client’s implementation runs smoothly and meets timelines.

Our project managers support all Amplity Health team implementations. These resources are also available to clients who are building and managing their own field teams.

Amplity Health provides healthcare program execution and project management services as a part of our full commercialization suite.

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