Prelaunch Activities with Key Opinion Leaders

How Can a Prelaunch Communication Program Assist in Interaction with KOLs?

For most healthcare launches, the brand’s early market penetration can be significantly impacted by the groundwork done — or not done — during the prelaunch phase. Although pre-approval promotional conversations are strictly prohibited, “no prelaunch promotion” doesn’t mean “no prelaunch interaction.” Indeed, for many new brands, prelaunch interactions with investigators and key opinion leaders (KOLs) are invaluable.

The prelaunch period is a time when manufacturers can engage these KOLS who are vital stakeholders in rich science- and disease-focused conversations that help develop strong, long-lasting bonds. The education and relationships that flow from a strong prelaunch communication program can influence clinical trial design and execution, managed care formulary decisions, opinion leadership network response, and many other aspects of brand success.

The establishment of an effective clinical communication program can be a daunting challenge. To avoid legal and regulatory pitfalls, management must pay close attention to proper standard operating procedures, reporting alignments, compensation structure, information exchange, and more. Furthermore, with national and state-level governance constantly changing, compliance can be another significant challenge. As a result, an increasing number of companies are choosing to outsource the clinical communications function.

Effectively Engage, Educate, and Build Long-Term Relationships with KOLs.

Building on our history as a contract sales organization, Amplity Health has grown to become a commercialization organization providing comprehensive prelaunch communication services to our clients. To relate to the scientific mindset of thought leaders, we’ve developed a deep bench of clinical communication specialists, including medical science liaisons, clinical health educators, and more. Because we understand the specialized needs of KOLs, we can work with them in the prelaunch phase to leverage relationships in ways that benefit both sponsors and patients.

Discover effective options for interaction in the prelaunch phase.

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