Back Office Setup and Support Management Services

Data management is a key component of successful healthcare sales strategies.

For many products, internal data management resources are either difficult to access or completely unavailable. While the drivers that influence this decision may vary from large company to small, the need remains the same. Consider the following:

  1. A successful mid-sized brand in a large company needs internal data management support, but finds it is low on the request list due to a newly launched drug or a blockbuster brand that has higher priority.
  2. A biotech company solely committed to discovery and marketing and lacks the back office infrastructure to bring a drug to market.

In the first scenario, leaders of a mature brand need occasional and specific access to faster and better data service than their internal infrastructure can provide. In the second scenario, anything associated with data infrastructure is outside the company’s core competencies. In both cases the answer is an external, flexible, scalable, instantly available resource that provides a ready-to-use data management solution.

Amplity Health provides customized back office setup and support and infrastructure solutions as an integral part of your healthcare commercialization.

Successful healthcare commercialization requires an effective and efficient back-office system to organize and administer key data flows. Amplity Health’s master data management services are offered as a part of our full commercialization suite. We’ll work with you to organize and administer your key data flows.

Amplity Health has developed the back-office infrastructure to meet a wide range of needs

  • We work with companies of all sizes from startup companies to the largest healthcare companies in the world
  • We can supervise the customer master database or the customer relationship management system
  • We can provide the business intelligence tools, data feeds, file transfer protocols, or fill custom requests that your back office needs

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