Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Product Commercialization Services

The most successful healthcare commercialization strategies are purpose-built and fully integrated to meet the exact needs of the client brand — offering the greatest possible return on investment.
The need for outsourced healthcare commercialization services comes in all shapes and sizes. Consider the following scenarios:

  1. A startup company with a promising product in Phase III clinical trials, but without commercial infrastructure
  2. An established manufacturer with a robust but aging portfolio looking for a flexible and cost-effective commercialization strategy
  3. A biopharmaceutical company with a potential blockbuster that needs a scalable launch team who can adjust quickly to market events

In each case the client brand needs a unique, purpose-built solution that meets the customer’s needs and budget.

Amplity Health has the expertise, people, and infrastructure to meet a wide range of commercialization challenges.

While designing, implementing, and managing customer facing and inside sales, service, and clinical teams remains a core competency, we complement these services with recruiting, training performance management, and sales operations and analytics to build fully integrated and customized healthcare commercialization solutions.

All our commercialization solutions are designed to meet the specific needs, timelines and budgets of our client brands. For instance:

  • The startup company may need to avoid a permanent investment in commercial infrastructure but may want a “lease to buy” option for key clinical and sales teams.
  • The company with an aging portfolio may need a cost-effective, trusted field team to optimize profit and return on investment as brands approach loss of exclusivity
  • The potential blockbuster drug may have to commercialize quickly to maximize the brand’s impact at launch and help create a product that could become a billion-dollar brand

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Product Commercialization Strategy Services

Amplity Health provides customized healthcare commercialization strategies and authoritative client resources — all based on transformational insight.

Successful commercialization in an ever-changing healthcare market is driven by customized pharmaceutical sales strategies designed to your brand’s unique needs. Amplity Health is the leading source for performance-driven, customized commercial solutions, designed to grow brands, reduce risk and achieve results. Every engagement starts with a thorough understanding of specific client needs, followed with clear explanations of the customized services we believe will offer the greatest value, and the strategic thinking behind our recommendations.