Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Outsourcing and Consulting

Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) are Critical to Your Brand and Key Stakeholders

Amplity Health is an established and effective provider of MSL outsourcing and consulting

The commercial success of your brand depends in large part on maintaining an active exchange with key stakeholders. Among the most important of these are clinical trial investigators, key opinion leaders, and high-priority healthcare professionals (HCPs). To satisfy the informational needs of these stakeholders and to use their input to advance your brand, this dialogue must be nonpromotional and focus on the science behind your product, as well as clinical designs and outcomes. Starting and maintaining this high-science dialogue requires highly qualified clinical professionals who can engage the stakeholders on their own terms.

Amplity Health’s MSL  Outsourcing and Consulting Services Have a Long Track Record of Success

Our MSLs are highly qualified, holding doctoral degrees including MDs, PharmDs, and PhDs. Regardless of their schedules or locations, all Amplity Health MSLs work to accomplish several nonpromotional goals:

  • KOL and specialist education
  • Clinical trial support
  • Speaker training and support
  • Managed markets support
  • Risk evaluation and mitigation strategy (REMS) and safety program participation
  • Cost-effectiveness and outcomes research

Most Amplity Health MSLs are field-based, locally focused, full-time team members. However, we’re also working with some of our customers to deploy MSLs in less-traditional work settings; some MSLs work part-time schedules, and others conduct all or part of their HCP interactions remotely, via teleconference, online, or through live video.

All of our teams are customized, flexible, and scalable. We also offer options to lease, build internally, or build to hire. We’ve managed hundreds of MSLs and established industry best practices. In fact, our MSL leadership team has built some of the longest running, most successful clinical deployments in the industry.

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