Field Clinical Teams

Field-Based Clinical Communications Experts

Field clinical teams are central to engaging with the medical community and to educating patients and caregivers.

For most pharma manufacturers, the clinical messaging function is anchored by a team of field-based clinical communications experts. Many firms increasingly rely on outsourced providers to recruit, hire, and manage those experts. The ideal clinical communication outsourcing solution is to work with a partner that provides a true multichannel array of clinical communications offerings.

A multichannel partner offers 2 important advantages:

  1. The ability to implement field-based clinical specialists who can respond to a variety of needs throughout the entire product life cycle
  2. The ability to provide important field support services, including clinical operations, recruiting, training, fleet, and information technology like iPad/Android tablets, other mobile devices, online applications and communities, and more

Decades of Field-Based Experience

Amplity Health has decades of experience in recruiting, hiring, and managing field-based clinical teams.

Our teams are staffed with credentialed healthcare professionals (eg, RNs, PharmDs, PhDs, RPhs, MDs) who educate and support patients, caregivers, and/or healthcare professionals across the country.

Field Clinical Health Educators

Amplity Health’s field-based Clinical Health Educators (CHEs) provide disease-state and product-specific education and support to patients, caregivers, and physicians. Clinical health educator teams are staffed by healthcare professionals such as RNs. They work to optimize health outcomes by facilitating patients’ adherence and retention to drug therapies and other healthcare regimens.

Field Medical Science Liaisons

Our field-based Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) serve as a non-promotional link between your company and the medical community. Staffed by healthcare professionals such as PharmDs, PhDs, MDs, and more, they work to educate key opinion leaders, clinical trial investigators, and other thought leaders about your clinical initiatives.

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