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Webinar: The Success Prescription for your Medical Teams’ Challenge—Navigating the Complex Realities of 2023


This on-demand webinar discusses an approach to medical field team preparation that begins with an uncomfortable truth. Few medical affairs teams are satisfied with their ability to get data and insight into the hearts and minds of the clinical care team members. The reasons for this are varied but some adjustments to how we think about data and its value to our audiences, and how we prepare our medical field teams for life in a complex ecosystem can achieve better results.

Watch now to hear how we're redefining the odyssey into a manageable continuum.

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Meet the speakers

Nick Willhoft, PhD – Head of Medical Communications

Nick is the Head of Medical Communications for Amplity Health. His team, based in the US and UK, create communications and training programs for clients to support launches and field team deployments. He has been working in medical communications for all of his long career supporting teams in Europe, the US and Asia Pacific.


Joe Turner – Head of Insights

Joe is the Head of Insights which is Amplity’s data offering. Joe oversees all sales and operations activities, including data ingestion, project execution, and business development. Joe is also actively involved in all product development, vision, and strategic initiatives. Joe has spent 15 years in the healthcare space and more recently has focused on productizing that value and enriching the data pools of our manufacturing partners allowing them to make more informed decisions.


David Barwick – Head of Capabilities Development

David is the Head of Capabilities Development and is a qualified trainer, coach and NLP practitioner with 27 years of industry experience. He has held roles in big pharma within Commercial, Medical and L&D. His team design, deliver and measure the effectiveness of learning programs for our clients across the globe. David’s knowledge and experience enable him to consult with clients at all levels to identify the optimal solutions to move their business forward.