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The Resounding Call for Blended Customer Engagement Models

Recent research reveals 30% of HCP engagements are done digitally. Pharmaceutical and device companies must adopt a blended customer engagement model to allow for multiple channels to be available at any time based on the needs of their customer and the needs of their brand.


Amplity’s approach to managing a blended model has enabled us to lead versus follow

In October 2020, just 6 months into the COVID-19 pandemic, we published a white paper1 introducing a ground-breaking blended engagement model that leverages the benefits of remote and in-person promotion; optimizes the promotional mix across personal and non-personal channels; and provides relevant, timely, and credible information to health care providers (HCPs).

Since publishing that paper, we have applied the blended engagement model to more than 50 brands. We’ve added several complimentary capabilities including award-winning medical communications, strategic and field market access, and proprietary Oncology and complex drug networks that give our clients even more firepower in the fight to get the attention they deserve.



In its July 2022 Veeva Pulse Field Trends Report, Veeva Systems provided fresh research from 130M quarterly field interactions across 80% of global biopharmaceutical companies showing that nearly 30% of sales teams’ HCP interactions remain digital:  18% through email, 5% over the phone, and 3% on video.2
24 to 1 In our own recent specialty-drug case study, a $1.3M investment in hybrid representatives delivered an additional $31M in sales (a 24:1 return) and increased the overall ROI of the entire program.



All that to say the blended engagement model is here to stay. COVID has brought a radical change in the way physicians interact with pharma. That change goes beyond just a simple shift from face-to-face (F2F) to virtual interaction. Veeva’s research insists that the way pharma field teams engage with HCPs “hinges on empowering field teams with data-driven insights to build the best omnichannel mix that engages HCPs when and where they need it most.”3


What does this mean for commercialization teams?

First, they must make all the channels available: engagement delivered via F2F and virtual, email, website, publications, etc. Second, they must make those channels widely available across the broadest possible time frame so HCPs can choose how they want to engage at any time; in some ways, this means providing 24/7 access to quality interaction. In our experience, we’ve seen hybrid sales representatives find success by first building a value-based relationship face-to-face and then maintaining engagement both remotely and in-person.



In the end, it stands to reason that the marketplace will reward a blended engagement model designed and implemented to drive more customer-centric HCP communication that provides relevant and credible information in a timely and customized manner. The leverage Amplity’s blended engagement model comes from being able to deliver improved revenue in a significantly more efficient manner, thus delivering a higher ROI.

If you’re looking for an experienced partner with deep therapeutic knowledge, award-winning content creativity, and exclusive access into expert HCP networks, look no further. Our results-obsessed communications experts help pharma and biotech get compelling content into the hands, heads, and hearts of their intended audiences. Beginning with understanding the specific needs of your product’s life cycle, we curate engaging content for multichannel distribution customized to your desired opted-in and engaged target audience(s). By tapping into our proprietary expert network, our clients can access to 90% of oncology clinical and non-clinical stakeholders for insights generation and content development.

Ready to discuss how we can partner to more impactfully engage with your target audiences through data-driven, multichannel campaigns?




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