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  • Can Artificial Intelligence Safely Enable Field Personnel’s Use of Free Text

    Today’s pharma-industry call notes systems almost universally use only static dropdown checklist options while prohibiting free-text entries. And although many leaders think these dropdown-only systems enhance compliance, they actually hamper it by failing to meet today’s standards for organizational transparency. Indeed, dropdown call notes systems are in many respects a “head in the sand” option. For compliance officers, they create a sort of “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” scenario based on the false hope that since no non-compliant activity is being reported, no non-compliant activity is occurring. With new advanced technology now available, it may be time for the biopharma industry to reintroduce free-text call notes, then collect and analyze those notes using artificial intelligence systems to bolster compliance, improve business intelligence, and provide better support to field teams. When implemented correctly, free-text call notes systems can help organizations become more productive and more successful while simultaneously improving compliance. This white paper provides a brief history of call notes, explains the initial move from free text to dropdown checkboxes, and makes the case for using artificial intelligence to reintroduce free-text call notes in a highly compliant manner.
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  • Time to Embrace Companion Diagnostics to Accelerate Precision Medicine

    Time to Embrace Companion Diagnostics to Accelerate Precision Medicine
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  • A Detailed Examination of Practice Pressures and Desired Interaction with Pharma Manufacturers

    Oncology is — and will continue to be for the foreseeable future — pharma’s powerhouse. In its latest edition of World Preview 2016, Outlook to 2022, Evaluate Pharma ® predicts that oncology will remain the largest segment in 2022 with an expected annual growth of 12.5% per year, reaching $190.0bn in sales in 2022 (see table). In 2015, oncology products accounted for 10.7% of worldwide market share (twice the share of the second-place therapeutic class, anti-diabetics); by 2022, the oncology share could grow to 16.3% of worldwide sales, nearly 3 times the share of anti-diabetics.
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