Webinar: Federal Market Access Navigating New VA Market Dynamics

How to reframe the VA “Value” Proposition to ensure success in 2022

In this webinar recording, Amplity’s VA practice lead and former VA VISN Pharmacy Executive, Jannet Carmichael, PharmD, reviews strategies to achieve meaningful awareness and adoption in today’s complex VA landscape. Highlights of this session include how to successfully navigate new access limitations and reframe your organization’s understanding of current VA market dynamics.

Jann leaves viewers with a deep understanding of the VA’s current formulary process, national vs. regional engagement and how to use data to construct a tailored “value” approach in this market.

By watching this webinar, you will learn:
  • Barriers – coverage and operational barriers to access
  • Data – available data sources and how to use them
  • Strategy – designing a VA-specific “Value” proposition and budget impact model



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