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From healthcare training to commercial solutions, Amplity’s position in the life science ecosystem affords us first-hand access to trends and market developments to provide value-added answers to your commercialization strategy challenges. Our clients rely on our timely, relevant, and insightful thought leadership when making medical or commercial decisions. As a contract commercial organization with decades of experience, you can count on us for valuable global healthcare solutions.

  • Amplity’s Blended Engagement Model
    A New Post-COVID Health Care Provider (HCP) Customer Engagement Model for Pharma

    The COVID pandemic has been the catalyst to change the way the pharmaceutical industry (Pharma) engages with HCPs. Partnering with large and small pharma alike, this whitepaper explores Amplity's flexible model tailored to each customer’s needs leveraging the benefits of remote and in-person promotion, optimizing the promotional mix across personal and non-personal channels, and ultimately providing relevant, timely, and credible information to HCPs.
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  • Remote Engagement and Outsourcing Survey Results

    Remote Engagement and Outsourcing Survey Results
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  • Creating Value with Real World Data and Natural Language Processing

    Learn how we leverage our own technologies and processes to extract unique insights from unstructured Real World Data
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  • Focus on Rare Diseases and Orphan Drug Marketing

    Taken together, rare diseases afflict as many as 30 million Americans - nearly 10% of the US population. To date, as many as 8,000 rare diseases have been identified but only 5% of rare diseases currently have any FDA-approved drug treatment. Up to 80% of these disorders have a genetic origin; in fact, most are caused by defects in a single gene. Rare diseases take a large toll on children: • Approximately 50% of those affected by rare diseases are children • 30% of children with a rare disease will succumb to it before reaching 5 years of age • Rare diseases cause 35% of deaths occurring during the first 12 months of life Read this whitepaper to find out the current state-of-play, the strategy to meet the demand, and the human resources aggressively treating patients with a rare disease.
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  • Can Artificial Intelligence Safely Enable Field Personnel’s Use of Free Text

    Today’s pharma-industry call notes systems almost universally use only static dropdown checklist options while prohibiting free-text entries. And although many leaders think these dropdown-only systems enhance compliance, they actually hamper it by failing to meet today’s standards for organizational transparency. Indeed, dropdown call notes systems are in many respects a “head in the sand” option. For compliance officers, they create a sort of “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” scenario based on the false hope that since no non-compliant activity is being reported, no non-compliant activity is occurring. With new advanced technology now available, it may be time for the biopharma industry to reintroduce free-text call notes, then collect and analyze those notes using artificial intelligence systems to bolster compliance, improve business intelligence, and provide better support to field teams. When implemented correctly, free-text call notes systems can help organizations become more productive and more successful while simultaneously improving compliance. This white paper provides a brief history of call notes, explains the initial move from free text to dropdown checkboxes, and makes the case for using artificial intelligence to reintroduce free-text call notes in a highly compliant manner.
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  • Time to Embrace Companion Diagnostics to Accelerate Precision Medicine

    Time to Embrace Companion Diagnostics to Accelerate Precision Medicine
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  • A Detailed Examination of Practice Pressures and Desired Interaction with Pharma Manufacturers

    Oncology is — and will continue to be for the foreseeable future — pharma’s powerhouse. In its latest edition of World Preview 2016, Outlook to 2022, Evaluate Pharma ® predicts that oncology will remain the largest segment in 2022 with an expected annual growth of 12.5% per year, reaching $190.0bn in sales in 2022 (see table). In 2015, oncology products accounted for 10.7% of worldwide market share (twice the share of the second-place therapeutic class, anti-diabetics); by 2022, the oncology share could grow to 16.3% of worldwide sales, nearly 3 times the share of anti-diabetics.
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