Recruiting Clinical Research Science Liaisons in Europe

Our client was a small healthcare firm with no footprint in Europe, who found they were not recruiting patients efficiently during Phase III registration. Amplity Health was approached to identify the obstacles which were hindering the clinical study efficiency. Amplity recruited, trained and managed a team of highly experienced and well connected science focused Clinical Research Science Liaisons (CRSL). We developed the CRSL role to liaise with the firm, the CRO and the study teams, educate physicians on the products, identify issues and propose solutions. Amplity managed 60 clinical sites throughout Europe and educated over 200 investigators in peer to peer style. Working hand in glove with the CROs and partners increased the rate of enrolment and the study team’s satisfaction significantly. Amplity developed the CRSL role beyond study support to gather insights and prepare the medical field for the entry of the products into clinical practice. Amplity took responsibility for organising Study Meetings, Site Investigator Meetings and educational events and raising awareness of the client and product to support its market entry. During this 18 month period, Amplity identified, profiled and educated over 700 key physicians.