Partnering to Raise the Level of Excellence

Amplity Health was approached by a leading top ten pharmaceutical company to develop a global capability development curriculum that would raise the level of excellence of the Medical Organisation. Following discussions around the content of the curriculum, Amplity quickly identified the need for a robust Diagnostic phase. The Diagnostic was imperative in ensuring that we could gain a deep insight into what the Medical Organisation currently think and feel about the competency and capability development needs of MSLs and MSL Managers across each region. Understanding these key needs and priorities would enable us to develop a bespoke and tailored capability development plan to support business requirements on an ongoing basis.

Following the Diagnostic, Amplity recommended a number of key outputs the curriculum should focus on in order to drive behavioural change leading to excellence in performance. Thus ensuring the client’s vision of being a leader in the industry is realised and maintained. We collaborated with the client to design a suite of learning resources and tools, including pre-reading, interactive e-learning modules, videos demonstrating best practice, face- to-face workshops, an online interactive workbook and remote coaching workshops. The curriculum touched each point of the delegates learning journey from pre-work, through to face-to-face workshops, to embedding the learning. This focus on each stage of the learning journey ensured the investment from the client was maximised to its full potential in order to deliver the greatest results.

In order to develop the resources and tools, the client enlisted Amplity’s consultancy services to undertake a global deep dive review of existing content and practices within the organisation. We were then able to leverage existing best practice and combine this with Amplity’s expertise around best practice within the Medical space to develop industry leading content.

The feedback from delegates was outstanding and led to the development of a long term partnership in driving towards a best in class Medical Organisation. This resulted in further successful collaborations to raise the capability development of the Medical Organisation and to provide a team of contract MSLs to the client.