Long-Term Global Partnership

Our client is a top ten blue-chip pharmaceutical company with a desire to standardise their approach to scientific engagement. The ambition was to move away from the commercial selling model as a methodology for medical field teams and design a bespoke, compliant model which reflected their language and approach.

Having successfully facilitated workshops using our model utilised for Amplity Health employed MSLs, we were an obvious choice to work in partnership and bring this new way of working to the organisation. Over a 12 month period we consulted with various parts of the business, understood exact requirements, developed a scientific engagement model and then rolled this out in face to face meetings globally. The series of workshops explored the model itself, the skills and theory which enable success in the field and for Managers we focussed on how they could coach their MSLs with this engagement approach in mind. Alongside the capability development, workbooks were created as a long term asset to support sustainability.

Following the successful rollout of the engagement model, Amplity has worked closely with local country teams and regions to link the soft skills with the science. Through collaborative working with Medical Directors, Therapy Area Heads and Learning and Development personnel, we have deepened the capability through a focus on specific needs as applicable to disease states and products. For example, we have focussed on handling difficult conversations regarding data, for others we’ve looked at how to ensure the medical strategy is being pulled through to field activity. Feedback from Physicians tells us that this link has enabled medical field teams to upskill their ability to partner with HCPs, which in turn allows HCPs to be even better partners with their patients.

In conjunction with supporting directly employed MSL teams, Amplity also contracts MSLs to this client. We are the provider of choice due to our long term partnership, ability to bring capability development to our contracted staff and a deep understanding of our client having worked so closely with them for a number of years across their portfolio.