Building a Medical Affairs Function in Japan

Amplity Health had been working with this top ten blue-chip pharmaceutical company across Europe and the NIMEA regions, predominantly upskilling their MSLs and MSL Managers. The company originated in Japan and there is an associated level of national heritage.

Relatively speaking, the Medical Affairs space in Japan is in its infancy. Many of the large globally established functions are further advanced than others, however many of these struggle to implement their ways of working in Japan due to its unique culture.

It is easy to understand that this client wanted to ensure that they entered into this arena in the best way possible, leading by example and displaying excellence from the outset.

Amplity used their local resource in Japan to ensure that the global excellence approach was understood and modified to stand the test of implementation within Japanese culture and business.

Our team of Amplity Bilingual Facilitators, Consultants, Translators, Project Managers and Global Account Managers formed a working party that worked collaboratively with the client across cultures. This resulted in a complete review of the global competencies to align with Japanese customs. We then created a self-assessment tool to enable sustainable performance dialogue and consolidated the new tools with supplementary workshops that included coaching and management skills.

The feedback around the tools and the workshop was extremely positive. The Japanese team feel in a better place to locally uphold the great traditions of their company and perform with confidence. In fact, Japan have led the way globally with their input into the self-assessment tool and competency model which will help to further ensure global excellence across Medical Affairs.