450 Delegate Workshop

Amplity Health has been working with this global Pharmaceutical client for a number of years, predominantly directly with Nurses and also with the European MSL team. We had worked in partnership to deliver a 2 day training summit to the European MSL team (110 attendees), which introduced a consistent model and language for scientific engagement.

We were approached by the Global Medical team to design, develop and deliver 3 days of skills training at the launch of their new Global Medical Function, consisting of 500+ delegates. In addition to a very short timescale and the large delegate numbers involved, the client expressed a need to have the training tailored according to role and experience. This resulted in Amplity working with different lead teams in order to develop workshop content suitable for Medical Directors, Field Roles, Managers, Head Office functions and Country Medical Leads.

In total, we developed different agendas for 8 main roles groups and within that, a total of 18 sub-groups where we specifically tailored the role content to differing levels of experience. Each of these groups had bespoke materials and exercises ranging from Organisational Leadership and Leading Self and Others, through to Making an Impact and Asking the Right Questions. In order to bring the learning to life, each subgroup of 20-25 people was facilitated by both an experienced Amplity Facilitator and two internal client Support Facilitators whose role was to contextualise the interactive exercises to the specific delegate role and experience. This necessitated in-depth Facilitator Guides being developed and briefings taking place both remotely and on-site in order to ensure that the client team were fully prepared for their role.

In addition to the main 2 day skills programme, we were also asked to develop optional Masterclasses for delegates to choose on the final day. These 2 hour sessions proved extremely popular and covered topics such as Energy for Performance, Presentation Skills (including filming and 1:1 coaching), Coaching Skills, Telling a Scientific Story and Non-Vocal Communication.

The summit was successfully delivered and the client extremely happy with the feedback from delegates who appreciated the bespoke nature of their 3 day journey. It provided a common foundation and language for the newly launched function upon which further development and specific advanced skills could then be built.