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Individual and Organizational Skill and Capability Development

Building High-Performing Teams

At Amplity Health, we are global specialists in learning and development

In 2021 alone we helped over 10,000 pharmaceutical field professionals across the world to develop their skills in becoming more impactful, memorable, and credible. We understand the theory behind individual and organizational development, which enable us to create bespoke learning interventions and journeys that engage participants and achieve sustainable change.

Step 1: Scoping & diagnostic
At the very start of a project we will work with our client to scope out what is required. This involves clearly outlining the goals and exploring the various options available to achieve these outcomes. We are not afraid to challenge to ensure goals are achieved in the most impactful and effective way.

We recommend completing an internal diagnostic as part of the design phase of a program. The diagnostic gains insight into perceptions from within the organization through a 360-degree approach, interviewing selected internal stakeholders, focusing on key identified themes. The diagnostic not only identifies development needs and priorities but also helps us tailor the program materials and content appropriately to align with the culture of your organization.
Step 2: Style & content
The workshop content will be designed to be practical and interactive, using NLP techniques to make it engaging and impactful. Everyone will have the opportunity to practice new tools and techniques in a safe environment, with experienced facilitators who are experts in their field. We create an experiential learning environment, encouraging attendees to step out of their comfort zone. We encourage people to understand their own strengths so these can be grown, and to also explore new ways of working and take the opportunity to stretch themselves with the support of our experienced facilitation teams and their colleagues.

We have a number of multilingual facilitators, so if English isn’t a participant’s first language, we can facilitate in local language to help ensure understanding and engagement. All our workshop materials can also be translated. Learn more about our team of world-class facilitators and coaches. At Amplity, we strongly believe that early support and buy-in from managers is critical to the success of any program. We therefore like to engage with managers in the run-up to a program, to enable them to fully support their direct reports. This results in sustained changes in behavior that can be tangibly seen and reported.
Step 3: Measures of success
At the start of any project, we will take the time to understand what you are seeking to achieve and what a good outcome looks like. We will then agree to a series of goals, metrics, and measures that will enable us to demonstrate to the stakeholders and their leaders that the capability intervention has been successful, has resulted in the desired change, and has provided a return on investment.
Step 4: Follow-up
Participants make commitments regarding new behaviors, which are recorded and shared publicly. They are encouraged to continue to engage with colleagues following the workshop, sharing best practices and supporting each other through challenges. We can also provide delegates with access to online resources as part of a blended learning approach. Following a workshop, individuals or teams can be aligned with an Amplity High-Performance Coach who will conduct face-to-face or remote coaching sessions to continue to support the ongoing enhancement and embedding of new skills.


A blend of a digital resources, live remote events, and face-to-face workshops designed to deliver sustainable and measurable uplift in performance.
  • Immediately available or customizable programs to fit your business needs and budget
  • Programs are designed to quickly help teams, management, and senior leaders learn, apply and embed new skills
  • Programs accommodate a range of post-pandemic learning styles and development needs

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Our Facilitators and Coaches

At Amplity we work with a team of over 140 world-class facilitators and coaches around the world to design and deliver our programs, with the following range of backgrounds, experiences, and skills:
  • Significant experience of facilitating Learning & Development interventions predominantly in biotech and pharma
  • Qualifications in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)
  • Experience/accreditations in high performance coaching and executive coaching
  • Practical understanding of capability frameworks and those competencies required of medical and commercial professionals to help raise the skills to “best in class”
  • Multilingual and multicultural capability (includes most European languages, Japanese, and Mandarin, among others). If you have the skills, experience, and energy to become an Amplity Facilitator, click here to register your interest
Amplity’s facilitators and coaches consistently receive the highest level of feedback from participants and clients, which is why, combined with our first-class project management process and client-centric approach, clients come back to Amplity again and again.

Our business model enables us to work with our clients, internal teams, facilitators, and coaches to bring together the best team to deliver a first-class solution aligned to the needs of the delegates every time.